homemade candies & fudge

With more than 30 varieties of delicious homemade candies & fudge!  

Some favorites are our famous Frogs, Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters, Ting-a-lings, Milk Chocolate Pecan Bark, Sea Salted Caramel, Cashew Clusters and many more!

We also feature a wonderful selection of "SCOOP YOUR OWN" candy!  Be sure to hit the link above to see what we offer!

popcorn, caramel corn & fresh roasted nuts

Maurie's of Pekin also offers fresh popcorn, caramel and cheese corn, and an amazing selection of fresh roasted nuts!

Stop in for a Pekin favorite anytime!  FRESH ROASTED CASHEWS!  Try our deluxe mix nuts too!  

Our selection of nuts always makes for a great gift for any occasion!

(seasonal )

caramel apples 

A Maurie's tradition for 75 years!  Our delicious caramel and caramel nut apples are made fresh with the best homemade caramel you have ever tasted! These amazing apples are only available from Late August - November. 

Be sure to get here early or call ahead, they go fast!

Large options of sugar free candies

We have a huge variety of SUGAR FREE options!


At Maurie's, we want you to have the best candy experience!  Like the Candy stores of the past, we offer a variety of "Scoop Your Own" candy!